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Le Pompadour BedBaroque Furniture

The exuberant Baroque style originated in Italy around 1600 and influenced all of Europe with its love of the ornate and sense of drama. Without a doubt the reign of Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King epitomises the Baroque style. The Palace of Versailles stands as a testament to his love and patronage of the arts with its imposing and majestic design. During his reign the government had departments for painting, architecture and of course, furniture.

Baroque decor was borrowed directly from Louis XIV’s Versailles Palace. Louis XIV used the Baroque style in order to display and promote the idea of his regal glory, especially with his palace at Versailles. The Versailles, with its grandiose combination of architecture, sculpture, painting, furniture and decoration represents one of the supreme examples of the Baroque Era with its fusion of the arts to create an overwhelmingly impressive whole.

The Louis XIV style shouts luxury and opulence with elaborate and symmetrical scrolling foliage and garlands of flowers decorating many objects including furniture. Interiors were luxurious with rich velvet and damask furnishings. In the bedroom or boudoir, dramatically carved and imposing bed designs were gilded as a mark of status and ownership and placed with a sense of importance as a feature of the room. Characterised by intricate marquetry, heavy carving and gold leaf decoration, the Baroque style remained fashionable until around 1725.

“Baroque is a style characterized by exaggeration of movement, decorative excess, dramatic effects, exuberance and grandeur'' During the 18th century, Baroque gradually gave way to the lighter, more decorative Rococo style but its influence can still be seen today in our modern interpretation of the style, though toned down to reflect a more contemporary taste.

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