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  • My Socially Awkward Life

    So you might have come across this post by accident or maybe I promoted it through our social media channels and you're probably thinking 'Socially Awkward'? What's that got to do with interiors? Well the truth is absolutely nothing! BUT and there is quite a big but I do have a socially awkward life. And I've realised that many of you do too.
  • Five Essential Tips For an Urban Scandi Bedroom

    Scandi Style is both easy to live with and stylish at the same time. With its neutral colour palette and simple shapes it’s an easy style to live with and perfect for the bedroom. And it’s a style that you can easily be adapt throughout the changing seasons. Typically revolving around a white colour scheme with pops of grey and black. There is now a move to reverse the colour way creating a more urban feel. Where once you found rustic elements such as natural warm wood you now find concrete creating a more modern and yet still comforting interior.
  • Evelle home

    I love meeting the people behind the brands that we feature here on the website. Finding out what inspires them and how they came to be is always fascinating. Today I'm chatting with Rebecca Ware, Creative Director of Evelle Home.
  • Grazia Magazine, 17th April 2017

    The April 17th issue of Grazia Magazine is as always a great read. As you know Grazia is probably the most exciting, talked about weekly magazines. Not only can you be the first to know about the latest news, thought-provoking opinion pieces, beauty, home and fashion trends, you also get the low down on what to buy from where. The hottest places to shop right now are tantalisingly laid out for us all to drool over.....
  • 25 Beautiful Homes, May 2017

    The May edition of 25 Beautiful Homes is a corker full of amazing real life homes. This issue has a hefty sprinkling of French Interior offerings. I thoroughly recommend a read to get your creative juices flowing. I particularly love the home of Jo Beavan who's Georgian former baptist manse is absolutely amazing. Don't you just love the mix of French country styling with a vintage and slightly eclectic twist? I also love the wonderful pieces of antique mahogany bedroom furniture. Though little used in recent years in interiors the dark shade of mahogany is perfectly balanced by the light airy colours. And Jo has styled her pieces to perfection....
  • Create A Scandi Bedroom with A French Style Bed

    Upon first appearance it may seem like French furniture with its traditional, elegant and intricate features would not work with a Scandi style room. Perhaps this is because the latter is known for being quite opposite with its clean cut, minimal and sleek design. However, we want to teach you that there can be a beautiful relationship between the French and the Scandinavian. You just need to know how to create a Scandi room with a French style bed.
  • Topology Interiors

    You know when you hear of a fabulous idea and you just have to share it with anyone who'll listen? That's how I felt when I first discovered Topology Interiors. They offer a fantastic Interior Design Service with the aim of helping clients create amazing spaces on a budget. Not only that but they can source pieces for you and negotiate discounts with companies on your behalf. How amazing is that? Keen to find out more. I met with Athina, Founder and Senior Designer at Topology Interiors for a chat as part of our Tete A Tete series.
  • Monochrome Bedroom Ideas

    The pairing of black and white has been around ever since interior design was first thought up as a concept. Not only used in interior design we are surround by this colour combination. When we pick up a newspaper or a book the words are invariably printed in black on a white background. But why does this combination work so well? And how do you style it to suit your personality? Lets take a look at some monochrome bedroom ideas.
  • Small Feature Wall Idea

    Small wall spaces are always tricky to decorate. Getting the styling just right can be a right old pain in the proverbial. Mostly found in hallways these tight spaces often between doorways are crying out for a little TLC. The biggest mistake you can make with an area like this where space is at a premium is to cram it full of small pictures. The result will be fussy and cluttered. Instead think big. Use oversized pieces compared with the size of the area to create impact and interest. I have a small patch of wall on my upstairs landing between two doors that has been crying out for a makeover for ages. At the end of a narrow corridor its always been difficult to style. So here's my small feature wall idea I hope you like it.
  • Introducing I-Bride French Wall Art

    I love a magic surprise! How about you? And for me that's what interiors should be all about. Being surprised as you round a corner in your home to find something unexpected. Maybe you love all things traditional or you're a contemporary minimalist it really doesn't matter. I first came across I-Bride on Instagram and immediately fell in love with their designs. And now I've added my favourite pieces of I-Bride French Wall Art to our coveted collection of hand curated accessories.

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