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Elegant Tropical Decor Ideas

I absolutely love all the tropical themed home accessories out there at the moment. From wallpaper to lamps, from cushions to wall art topped off with fabrics to die for. It starts with the humble pineapple, journeys through flamingos, stop's off at palm leaves and stays the night with cacti. So I thought I'd  share my elegant tropical decor ideas with you.

The tropical theme in one way or another is like many others. It's been here before. The Victorians loved a potted palm and the humble Pineapple first appears as architectural adornment in the 16th Century.  This trend cries out for a nod to the past whilst at the same time embracing modern materials. Thus creating a classic room with just the right amount of quirk for it to feel contemporary.

When I say I love this theme I truly do! But! And there is a big but, at first glance I didn't think it would work in my home. The greens and pinks and rainbow plethora of wonderful  Rain Forest colours are amazing but as much as I love them they are just not me. I love the bright happy colours and I drool over other peoples houses that pop up in my Instagram feed or as I'm browsing Pinterest.

So lets have a look at tropical but give it a more grown up elegant spin by using key classic pieces at the heart of the design. Less sugary candy floss. More the sleek crisp caramel topping of a simple but decidedly sensual Creme Brulee.

Colour Scheme in Elegant Tropical Decor



I think the reason I have cold feet with tropical decor is that I've always been quite a classical gal at heart. Whether it's the clothes that I wear or how I style and decorate my home. I like the core pieces to be classic designs and from there I add my own personal twist. In reality I suppose I'm a member of the slow movement at heart (not that I new such a thing existed until recently). I invest in the main pieces of furniture for my home and by choosing a classic design I can then play with accessories to suit the current trend of the moment.

For me the biggest problem is not the motifs and designs of this trend but the colours. They just won't and don't work in my home. I'm just not a Miami sort of person, with it's pink Flamingos fast living and kitsch colours. I'm more a Renaissance girl, loving Florence with it's muted colours and historical beauty.

To achieve a tropical looks whilst retaining elegance it's imperative to stick to a harmonising colour scheme. Choose colours that originate from a primary colour and sit close to one another on the colour wheel. In this case my scheme revolves around muted greens and gold. This will give the room balance and create a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Natural Materials in Elegant Tropical Decor



This look is quite decadent and requires a more muted palette. Furniture should be dark, think mahogany for a more natural feel or black to really rev it up in the wow stakes. Rattan also works well with this look.

Texture is also key but stick to natural elements. Think cowhides, linen, foliage and brass. Think 1920's Colonial meets Victorian explorer. A room full to the brim with artefacts and interesting pieces but carefully curated and themed to bring balance and harmony.

Classic Pieces in Elegant Tropical Decor



Whichever room you've chosen for this style keep the key pieces classic in design. This approach may seem safe but it's never failed me yet. I might love this years Pantone colour of the year Greenery but what about next year when they tell me the new colour of the year is sky blue pink with yellow spots! Do I just throw away my sofa or bed when it's only 12 months old!

I can appreciate that fashion dictates what we can buy at what time. Rather frustratingly I always seem to want navy when black is in fashion or teal when blush pink is the big thing and I've learn't to live with the fact that to a degree we are all slaves of fashion. But that doesn't make us lemmings. So following a formula of buying classics pieces and accessorising with key fashionable elements makes sense.

In today's throw away society we should perhaps think about the longer term implications of our choices. The costs involved! Not only to our pockets but to our environment too. Investing in good quality key pieces is not only financially saving money in the long term it's also environmentally important too.

Finishing touches for Elegant Tropical Decor



With the decorating done and key pieces of furniture in place it's now time for the fun to commence. This look is not for the minimalists amongst you. Nope, this style needs accessories aplenty. But choose with care. This look follows a theme so make sure each piece fits within it. If it doesn't then just don't use it.

So if you like a piece, think does this fit with my tropical theme? The key to creating an elegant finish is to maintain harmony.  So the other question to ask is does this fit with my colour scheme. To maintain the elegant perspective it's imperative that you stay within the tonal colours that you have chosen.

Finally finish the room with a bit of gold to lift the overall feel and add an element of glamour. After all the roaring 20's were known for outrageous behaviour and decadent lifestyles.

Elegant Tropical Decor Ideas
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