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Feather Place Card Holders

The presents are bought, the tree and decorations are up sparkling invitingly and the excitement is building. Christmas is not far away but there's still the table left to do and ideas are running as dry as the funds to decorate it. I love a formal table for a special occasion and Christmas is one of my favs. Our dining room doesn't get used that often but when it does I do like to go to town on it . This year feathers are my theme so it just had to be feather place card holders.

Feather Place Card Holder

A very dear friend recently gave me some beautiful Pheasant tail feathers and I've been drumming my fingers and scratching my head thinking of a way to use them ever since. Originally I was going to create a Pheasant feather wreath but quickly realised two things! A. I couldn't collect enough free feathers (it would take weeks if not months). And B. buying them would cost a small fortune! So I went with a Peacock Feather Wreath (and shared how to make it) instead. Then... Ta Daaa!! The light bulb moment hit, I could use the to create wonderful feather place card holders for my Christmas table. It turns out that, not only do they look fab but they also cost a fraction of anything you can find on the High street. When I say a fraction I mean £3.50! Now that's a bargain!!

How to Make your Feather Place Card Holders 

What You Will Need

Pheasants Tail Feathers






Craft Knife

Skewer or Fine Knitting Needle

What You Will Need for a Feather Place Card Holder


Simple Steps To Follow

  • Firsts things first; lets make the name cards. I choose to design mine in Photoshop which I printed straight onto card but you could use Word or just write your guests names directly onto card. Once everyone has a name card all that's left to do is cut them out.


  • Now, using your fine knitting needle, skewer or something sharp and pointy (whatever comes to hand) make a hole in the top of each cork and then poke your feather into the hole you just made.


  • Using your craft knife make a small incision into the cork just in front of the feather and insert your name card.


  • Finally, tie a bit of ribbon, tulle or twine in a bow or knot around the base of the feather in a colour of your choice to compliment and co ordinate with your Christmas table scheme. 


Well, what do you think to my feather place card holders? Super Easy, not a glue gun in sight. Takes only a few minutes to make and I hope you agree, look stunning too. Let me know your thoughts by commenting below, I'd love to hear from you. 

Feather Place Card Holders



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