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Festive Fireplace Garland

Although our Interior blog normally has a French flavour it would be hard for me to go through the lead up to Christmas without sharing some of my Christmas decorating ideas with you so forgive me the lack of French inspiration at the moment. I promise to bring lots of fab ideas to you in the New Year. I am so lucky to have 2 magnificent fireplaces downstairs at home. They have beautiful Carrera Marble surrounds and just cry out for a festive touch during the Holidays.  So without further ado here's how to create a festive fireplace garland.

How to make a Christmas Fireplace Garland

Every year I get down the decorations from the loft, try to unravel my fake garlands, plonk them on the fireplaces with some baubles, bows and enough fairy lights to light up the whole street but this year I wanted to have a go at the real thing. 'How hard could it be ?' I thought to myself and it turns out, not at all. In fact it's great fun making a festive fireplace garland. Peaceful, calming and doesn't actually cost the earth either.

I made the festive fireplace garland and a matching dining table centrepiece for just under £28.00. So if you have an hour spare in the run up to Christmas and just want to remember what it's all about, step back from the rush for a while and please do have a go. And, if you do enjoy it, try my Festive Feather Place Card Holders too. 

Festive Fireplace Garland

What You Will Need

Foliage and lots of it! (I used Conifer, Laurel, Fir and Ivy)


Fir Cones (Bought from my local Florists - they come on a stick)

Flowers (I styled mine dark with fake flowers)



Tray for the Oasis

Festive Fireplace Garland

Easy Steps To Follow 


How To Make A fireplace Garland


  • First things first, fill up your kitchen sink with water and float your Oasis blocks on top (I used 2 for my fireplace). They will slowly take on water through osmosis and gently sink to the bottom . That's when you know they are ready. Once they have sunk to the bottom remove the blocks from the water, place them into your Oasis tray and then position them centrally on your mantelpiece.


  • Now here comes the fun bit! Decide on the shape of your garland - I wanted mine high in the centre tapering down top the ends. Using your greenery start snipping it to size and make a basic outline of the shape you want by sticking the foliage into the oasis. Keep going, adding a bit here and a bit there until you can no longer see any Oasis. Keep standing back from the fireplace to make sure it is symmetrical. Remember to add some trailing pieces at the front too. 
  • When you can no longer see any oasis start adding your decoration. I've used Pheasant feathers which I have just poked into the oasis randomly, Copper coloured Fir Cones (bought from the florist for 60 pence each and on a stick for ease of positioning) and fake flowers from Wilko, bought for a Pound each. I like to style it dark so mine are black. 


All in all, the garland took about half a hour to make. It's actually very easy to do and if you make a mistake simply remove the offending article and re position it. Remember to place your decorations evenly. A tip here is to use an odd rather even number of flowers to avoid the fireplace looking like it's been cut down the middle. You don't want a centre parting!!

The Table Centrepiece is made in much the same manner as the garland with a single block of oasis. I popped it  onto a plate to prevent water damage to my table. Build up your shape in the same way until you can no longer see the oasis or plate and then add your chosen flowers and/or decorations. 

How To Make A Christmas Table Centrepiece and a festive fireplace garland

How Make A Christmas Table Centrepiece and a festive fireplace garland

Christmas Fireplace Garland

Christmas Fireplace Garland

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