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Five Rococo Bedroom Ideas

What is Rococo? According to the dictionary it’s an adjective denoting furniture or architecture characterised by an elaborately ornamental late Baroque style of decoration. It was most prevalent in 18th century continental Europe with asymmetrical motifs and scrollwork. Consequently you could be mislead into thinking that the Rococo style no longer has a place in today’s interiors but you couldn’t be more wrong. There are so many Rococo bedroom ideas out there. Whilst the design can be elaborate, when cleverly mixed with other pieces of furniture and accessories you can create a bang on trend interior that reflects your personality, looks amazing and will be the envy of your friends.

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But why is the Rococo style so versatile? Well, the design lends itself to being utilised in so many different ways. Originally a movement away from rigidity and inflexibility the Rococo theme is light-hearted, relaxed and implies a refined elegance. Think of Rococo not as a hard and fast style which flourished for one short period many moons ago but as a mood which has recurred over and over again through the centuries. It’s still current and has a place in the modern interior.

Five Rococo bedroom ideas

The Shabby Chic Bedroom


The Shabby Chic Bedroom Featuring the White Rococo Bed - Rococo Bedroom Ideas

1.White Rococo Bed  2.Twinkle Twinkle Chandelier  3.White Quilted Cushion  4.Provence Mirrored Wall Sconce  5.Gilt RibbonPicture Frame  6.Spirit Metallic Wallpaper from LimeLace  7.Sophia lamp

Always a  firm favourite, Shabby Chic has been around for a fair few years but this doesn’t mean that it’s now old hat. Gone are the peaches and cream interiors of the 80’s remembered for their over the top shoulder pads and RaRa skirts! Now Shabby Chic is more refined and demurely sophisticated. Think Chateau’s, faded elegance and soft neutral colours combined with a relaxing air and a sumptuous feel. As a result this theme works best with white, ivory or cream furniture. And where better to start than with your choice of bed.

Our French White Rococo Bed is perfect for this look. Elegantly carved and decorative without being OTT! Keep the walls and flooring pale and neutral. Remember the look is all about tonal layering. To add a little interest perhaps think of treating the bed wall to some eye catching wallpaper to draw the eye to the rooms focal point, the bed. Layer your French Bed with crisp white sheets, subtle cushions’ and a fabulous throw or two. Also ilghting is especially important in the bedroom. So to continue the Shabby Chic theme look for a wonderful chandelier with sparkling glass droplets. Once all the furniture is in place go for it with accessories. Wall sconces, picture frames, mirrors and trinket boxes look fab especially when finished in a chalky white but don’t be afraid to add the odd gold highlight to lift the mood and add a hint of colour.

The Monochrome French Bedroom


The Monochrome French Bedroom Featuring the Black Rococo Bed - Rococo Bedroom Ideas

1. Golden gun Lamp  2.Monochrome Boho Botanical Cushion  3.Decidedly Dark Chandelier  4.So Long Sulley Reindeer Rug  5.Black Rococo Bed  6.Paint Strokes Blackout No41 from Mylands Paints

The combination of Black & White is one of the best when it comes to interior design. A classic concept and always in fashion. This theme is fabulously versatile and the mood of the room can easily be changes based on the colour choice of your accessories. Add the odd item in a striking blue to add a more contemporary edge or choose to lighten the mood with a soft rose quartz pink (Pantone’s colour of 2016) to give a more feminine vibe.

Most importantly. Do you go full on White with a hint of black or conversely predominantly black with the odd white accent? Which balance of colour you choice is up to you but the Rococo Boudoir Black Bed is a perfect starting point from which to create your monochrome French bedroom. This theme is one of the best examples of when to apply the 60-30-10 rule. Let me explain.

                60% of the room should be in your main colour

                30% of the room should be your secondary colour

                10% of the room should be your accent colour

Interestingly, the best way to translate this into a visual image is the think of a man’s business suit

                60% of the outfits colour comes from the trousers and jacket of the suit

                30% of the colour comes from the shirt

                10% of the colour comes from the outfits tie

Once you decide on black or white as the main colour you can then decide on walls and flooring. Next add upholstery in your contrasting colour, this can include curtains, cushions, throws, rugs etc... Finally have fun with your accent colour, remember this is only 10% of the rooms colour, so less is more!

The Grey French Bedroom


The Grey French Bedroom Featuring The Silver Rococo Bed - Rococo Bedroom Ideas

1.Silver Rococo Bed  2.Acrylic Rococo Lamp  3.Silver round Picture Frame  4.Charcoal Quilted Cushion  5. Chic Cashmere Emulsion from B&Q  6.Charcoal Quilted Bedspread  7.Bordeaux Mirrored wall Sconce


First of all the use of grey in interiors is not really a design theme but does have its place as a scheme. Whilst ‘The Guardian’ asked '‘Why has everything gone grey?’’ and referred to it as ‘’the drabbest colour in the palette’’ when used correctly your bedroom will have a polished, elegant appeal and a sophisticated feel. Grey can be separated into two camps. Warm greys (yellow based) and cold greys (blue based). As a result warmer palette of greys is a better choice to ensure you benefit from the colours relaxing qualities without feeling drained as can be experienced with the cooler palette.

As a starting point for this colour scheme chose the Silver Rococo Bed, although not strictly grey silver works fantastically well with grey and will ensure the overall feel is not drab in anyway. Go for a light or dark grey for the walls – keep them simple and then remembering the 60-30-10 rule use the other lighter or darker grey for the upholstery and soft furnishings. Finish the room as you would an outfit, with the jewellery; the interesting accessories are the finishing touch, lighting, pictures, and mirrors should all reflect your accent colour which in reality is up to you. Go bold and dramatic with red or keep it more tonal and sophisticated with silver, the choice is yours.

The Boutique Hotel Bedroom

The Boutique Hotel Bedroom Featuring the Gold Rococo Bed - Rococo Bedroom Ideas

1.Golden Glow Chandelier  2.Gold Rococo Bed  3.Gold Chateau Mirror  4.Grey Reindeer Rug  5.Farrow & Ball's Plain Stripe Wallpaper

Having chatted about this trend previously in ‘ten steps to create a boutique Hotel Bedroom’ you can probably tell that this is one of our current favourites. Who wouldn’t want to wake up in a five star hotel every morning? For this theme we have chosen the Gold Rococo Bed. A bold choice and not for the faint hearted, the Gold Rococo bed is perfect for this scheme. Taking inspiration from the top hotels that employ vast teams of highly regarded Interior Designers the bed is the most important item in the Boutique Hotel style bedroom. It should be the focal and centre point of the room with the bedroom created symmetrically around it.

Choose a maximum of 3 colours to work with and think in terms of neutral tones to lend an air of refinement. Layering and symmetry are key to this look; hotel rooms are always relaxing due to the lavish use of soft furnishings. Cushions, throws and layered curtains can be found in the best hotels. If space allows try to squeeze in a seating area and a dressing tables, top hotels have both but if your bedroom is tight for space one or the other will do. Think long and hard about lighting; hotel lighting is designed for ease of use and mood; table lamps, floor lamps and a chandelier should give you plenty of lighting combinations to meet any need or ambience you wish to create.

Finally accessorise and remember a few absolute musts are required to complete this look. Trays are a key item and not only complete the look but provides a quick way to keep clutter at a minimum. Flowers can always be found in the best hotels so why not add a bit of greenery to your own bedroom, after all, every girl loves flowers. Finally, think about fragrance, adding a scented room diffuser or candle in your favourite aroma is the perfect finishing touch for the Boutiques Hotel Bedroom.

The French Country Bedroom

The French Country Bedroom Featuring the Cream Rococo Bed - Rococo Bedroom Ideas

1. Delphine Silver Gilt Wall Sconce  2.Cream Rococo Bed  3.Breton Fabric in Clay from Art of The Loom  4.Avignon Fabric in Clay from Art of the Loom  5.Squiggle Chandelier  6.Glamorously Gold Cowhide  7.Spitalfields Paint No 74 from Mylands Paints

Related to the Shabby Chic bedroom, the French Country Bedroom has a warmer and more elaborate feel. Overall this look has a lived in, gathered over time atmosphere. Each component of the bedroom chosen to compliment the next, mixing the new with the old to create a harmonious, uncontrived unity. Not only elegant and stylish, the French Country bedroom is restful, indulgent and soothing. As with most bedroom designs the bed is key and should be at the top of the list when you start planning the scheme. With this in mind we have chosen the Rococo Parisienne Cream Bed for its softly aged, delicate colour which is perfect for this theme.

Dress the walls and floor in a soft neutral hue to ensure the bed stays central to the design. The world is your oyster when it comes to the choice of your accent colour. From Sunny yellows, through cornflower blues and moss greens to the bolder and more dramatic black and deep jewel like ruby reds and sapphire blues, the options are endless and make this look extremely versatile depending on the mood and feel you hope to create.

The French Country Bedroom is opulent and sumptuous and to ensure you achieve this be lavish with your soft furnishings. Nothing says ‘French’ better than Toile and this is the go to fabric perfect for this look. Then layer it with checks or stripes in the same colour way to add depth and texture to the bedroom. Finish the room with a fabulous chandelier and gilded accessories.

What do you think of our Rococo bedroom ideas? Which style says you? The Rococo Bed is as stunning as it is versatile. Above all it can be styled to perfection whatever your chosen theme.

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