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Get The Midas Touch with Gold French Bedroom Furniture

The metallic look is making a dazzling come back in the home for Autumn/Winter 2015. Although last year’s copper tones are still about. This year there is a marked move towards the warmer and arguably more glamorous sparkle of gold. Metallics add a touch of allure. They bring warmth to any room especially during the longer nights of the colder autumn and winter seasons. Where better to start than with glamorously gold French bedroom furniture.

Le Pompadour dressing TableLe Pompadour BedLe Pompadour Chest Of Drawers

Get The Midas Touch

Bonne Nuit Dressing TableBonne Nuit Bed




The best thing about this metallic trend is that its flexible enough to suit any room in your home. It works well with both modern and minimalist interiors as well as retro, vintage style homes. By adding key pieces either large or small you can instantly revamp your home. Creating focal points or areas of interest within your chosen room scheme. Choose one or two key pieces to totally transform a room safe in the knowledge that the interior you have created is on trend for the season ahead without requiring a total room makeover. In the bedroom try a gilded French Bed such as our ‘Le Pompadour’ or ‘Bonne Nuit’. Exquisite, handmade and exclusive designs proving that all that glistens is indeed gold.

If a large statement piece is not for you try creating a shimmering feature with clever placement of a golden dressing table. Your own little oasis of calm to pamper and soothe away the stresses of the day. A sultry make up station where you can enjoy a cocktail whilst preparing for that special evening out.


With Gold becoming the accent du jour the key to pulling it off is to aim for a luxe and yet lived in vibe. Glamorous without being ostentatious. Think less is more and you won’t go wrong. Compliment larger pieces with the odd golden trinket throughout the room scheme to carry the theme through. And when it comes to colour combinations? Gold works well with so many hues we don’t know where to start but you can’t go wrong with neutrals. For the bolder amongst you try shades of grey, inky blues and dark dramatic reds.

We have a wonderful selection of exclusive, gorgeously glamorous French Beds and Gold French Bedroom Furniture all designed and handmade by us at surprisingly affordable prices. A family business, we strive for excellence. Constantly tweaking and adding to our Collections which have grown and evolved over time.

Whilst always keeping a keen eye on current interior trends our designs remain true to classic French elegance. Our emphasis is on design and attention to detail. Each piece is handmade by a master carver and finished in a variety of hues. Each craftsman has spent many years honing and perfecting their skills in time honoured fashion to be amongst some of the most accomplished in the world.

At Newtons things are done a little differently. We design all own furniture, We make all their own furniture and we sell only our own furniture. Designer Style at surprisingly affordable prices!

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