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Mattress Buying Guide - A Good Nights Sleep

When I first decided to write this mattress buying guide a dark cloud descended over my head. I walked round for days with my own little rain cloud like a cartoon character. What on earth was I going to write about mattresses? What a boring subject I thought but when I eventually gave myself a little kick, got down to the nitty gritty and started to do my research I actually started to enjoy myself.

There is so much more to the humble mattress than we ever give it credit for. It’s just one of those everyday items that we tend to never spare a thought for but if you did stop to think about it you would suddenly realise that this is one of the most important items in your home and without it our lives would be a lot less comfortable. A mattress can not only affect our mood but our health as well and I for one shall no longer think of it as insignificant!

Paris Mattress from Newtons Furniture - Mattress Buying Guide

Before going into detail I would like to share a couple of interesting mattress facts with you that you may or may not know. Before the modern bed base was born mattresses would be supported by ropes that were cross woven and stretched across wooden frames giving rise to the well know phrase ‘Sleep Tight’ as people would regularly tighten the ropes to prevent a sagging mattress. Whilst this is now happily in the past the second half of the saying ‘Don’t let the bedbugs bite’ is sadly still applicable today!

Did you also know that ‘Guinness’ maintains a world record for something called Mattress Dominoes! Yes, there really is such as thing. Much like normal domino toppling it involves a line of people each holding a mattress with the first being pushed over to set off a chain reaction in motion. The record was recently broken and involved a massive 1200 people taking 13 minutes and 38 seconds to complete the topple!

Luxury Handmade Mattresses from Newtons Furniture - Mattress Buying Guide

Here’s a question for you. Is your mattress approaching its 7th Birthday? If the answer is yes then you should start to consider replacing it as recommended by The Sleep Council. The thing is, your mattress may still be looking reasonably ok so how do you know when it's the right time to replace it? Simple, just ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you waking more frequently in the night?
  • Do you feel un refreshed and achy in the morning?
  • Do you disturb your partner in the night or are they disturbing you when they change position?
  • Does your mattress look a little tired?
  • Can you feel any lumps or bumps on it even if you can’t see them?
  • Does your mattress make odd noises it shouldn’t?
  • Is it sagging? As much as we want to promote a little romance you shouldn’t roll towards one another in the middle of the night unless it’s done intentionally.
  • Would it be embarrasing to show your mattress in all its naked glory to a stranger?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions then it might be time to consider purchasing a new mattress and here’s why:

A 2011 study by the The Furniture Industry Research Association shows that mattresses slept on for as little as 6 years can be far less comfortable and supportive than a new one. A new mattress can even improve the length of time you stay asleep by up to 42 minutes, great for that weekend lie in. It will also ensure that you actually have a better quality night’s sleep making fewer movements through the night and waking less frequently.

Now we get to the yukky part!! Normal wear and tear from movement and body weight aren’t the only contributors to a mattress reaching the end of its natural lifespan, the ones that remain unspoken such as sweat, dead skin cells and dead hair play a part too. On average we shed a pound of dead skin cells every year and lose approximately half a pint of fluid every nigh! And this gets absorbed by your bedding and mattress!

Put like that I think we would all contemplate changing our mattresses sooner and no wonder our beds are a haven for dust mites! Not only are bed mites an icky concept but they can trigger Asthma. When you consider that the UK has the highest amount of Asthma sufferers when compared to Germany, France, Italy and Spain I wonder if this is because we don’t replace our mattresses quite as regularly as we should.

 Luxury Mattress on a French Bed - Mattress Buying Guide

We are also a nation of back pain sufferers with a whooping 4 out of 5 adults experiencing back pain at some point in their life (I’m one of them) in fact I can’t think of one friend that hasn’t at some point or other complained of a twinge or two. One US study reported an improvement in pain levels of a massive 63% just by swopping a 5 years old or older mattress for a new replacement. Better than popping pain killers surely??

But mattresses are expensive aren’t they? A good mattress will cost quite a few pennies but consider this, I love a latte as much as the next person but did you know that a new mattress will cost you less per day than your daily cappuccino! A daily coffee from your favourite High Street Barista will cost you £820 a year!! Yes, EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY POUNDS, just on cups of coffee! In contrast you could pay as little as £1 a day for a new mattress. Although a capital outlay initially when you look at it from this perspective you really don’t have an excuse to replace your mattress when the time comes around. What price a good night’s sleep? It’s got to be worth more than a pound!

So, if your mattress is coming up to its 7th Birthday rather than throwing it a party it may be time to start to consider purchasing a replacement but in today’s market with encapsulated springs and ‘Zero Gravity Foam’ how do you make the right choice? Which mattress will be right for you? Here are my 5 top considerations when buying a new mattress:

Mattress Size

Breton Luxury Memory Foam Mattress - Mattress Buying Guide

Buy the largest bed and by association, mattress, that you can comfortably fit into your bedroom. Did you know that 2 adults sharing a double bed have the same amount of personal space as a baby in a cot!

Mattress Type

St Tropez Zero Gravity Foam luxury handmade Mattress from Newtons - Mattress Buying Guide

What style of mattress do you prefer? What do you like or dislike about your current mattress? Do you prefer a firmer or softer feel? Do you prefer springs or foam or a combination of both? Who’d have thought there would be so many things to consider; after all, it’s only a mattress, isn’t it?

NBF Approved Mattress

NBF Approved Mattress from Newtons Furniture - Mattress Buying Guide

When buying a new mattress, particularly online, stick to reputable Brands and look out for the NBF Approved Member (National Bed Federation) badge on the mattress label. The ‘Big Tick’ mark of approval is only awarded to British Manufacturers who pass rigorous independent testing. This means you can sleep safe and sound in the knowledge that your mattress is made to exacting standards.

Handmade Mattress

Provence Mattress from Newtons - Mattress Buying Guide

Look for a mattress that is handmade. A made by hand mattress will be far superior to its machine made equivalent. Things to look for are hand tufting and side stitching which will increase the life of your mattress and provide superior edge support extending the sleeping area of your mattress right to the very edges.

Mattress Springs

Paris Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattress from Newtons Furniture - Mattress Buying Guide

Most mattresses in the UK have a sprung interior which provides the core support required for a comfortable night’s sleep. My recommendation is for pocket springs rather than open coil or continuous springs as each spring works independently to the next. Though more expensive than its counterparts a pocket sprung mattress will conform and adjust to your body’s contours and help eliminate roll together resulting in a restful and relaxing night.

My last word of advice is to shop smartly. Always look for the best value; this doesn’t mean find the lowest price! Lowest Price and Best Value are two completely different things altogether. When you have your final list of requirements for your new mattress then do your homework; shop around! Compare prices for comparable mattresses. Shopping on price alone could be a huge mistake resulting in aches and pains and lost sleep.

 In celebration of our humble and underappreciated mattress we are offering 30% OFF all our luxury handmade mattresses when purchased with any of our French Beds and a massive 50% OFF when purchased with a Pack Offer. So if you are about to buy a new bed in the next few months spare a thought for your mattress if it’s approaching its 7th Birthday; You couldn’t replace it at a better time.

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