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Small Feature Wall Idea

Small wall spaces are always tricky to decorate. Getting the styling just right can be a right old pain in the proverbial which is why I wanted to share my small feature wall idea with you. Mostly found in hallways these tight spaces often between doorways are crying out for a little TLC. The biggest mistake you can make with an area like this where space is at a premium is to cram it full of small pictures. The result will be fussy and cluttered. Instead think big.

Use oversized pieces compared with the size of the area to create impact and interest. I have a small patch of wall on my upstairs landing between two doors that has been crying out for a makeover for ages.  At the end of a narrow corridor its always been difficult to style. So here's my small feature wall idea I hope you like it.

small feature wall idea

The inspiration for my design came from the amazing Swoon Worthy Butterfly print I received from The Curious Department. I love this Brand having followed them on social media for a while. So when they launched a Kick Starter campaign back in November of last year to put their Insect Mandala Bone China Collection into production I was one of the first people to make a pledge. I was over the moon when I heard they'd reached their target and had gone into production.

Not only did I feel great knowing I was helping to bring this amazing bone china collection to life. But as an added bonus I received this a stunning Swoon Worthy Butterfly print designed by the queen of boho glam Kimberly Duran from Swoon Worthy Blog. Don't tell Kimberly but I am her absolute number one fan!!

small feature wall idea

So without further a do lets have a little look at how I created my small feature wall. It's a quick and easy fix and can takes less than 2 hours to create.


Here's What I Used for my Small Feature Wall Idea

Small Feature Wall Idea
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Paint (in the colour of your choice - I went for Black)
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Small Stags Head (Mine came from eek, erm, Home Bargains! Cost a tenner but was white but I've sprayed it black)
  • An old Frame large enough to surround your stags head
  • A Framed Print
  • Size (glue for gilding)
  • Gold or Silver Metal Leaf

And here are the Easy Steps to Follow for my Small Feature Wall Idea

Start by thinking through your design, do you want horizontal or vertical stripes? How wide do you want your stripes? I recommend having an odd number of stripes so that you have a central stripe. If you go for an even number it will effectively split your space in 2.

Once you have an idea of your design use your masking tape to section of the stripes for your paint.

small feature wall idea

Once your masking tape is in place use your chosen paint colour to fill in the stripe you've made. Working from the outside in will ensure you get a nice crisp line when you remove the masking tape.

Now toddle off for a cup of tea and a catch up with your favourite interior blogs whilst the paint dries.

Small feature wall idea

Once the paint is dry carefully remove your masking tape. To get the cleanest lines possible lift the edge of the end of the masking tape. Then pull back keeping the masking tape parallel to and as close to the wall as possible.

Now we need to apply the gold or silver leaf. Using the painted lines as a guide apply the masking tape to your walls again to create the stripes that are to be gilded.

Once you're happy that they're straight apply your size (gilding glue) with a paintbrush. Ensure you apply an even coverage. Then leave the glue to dry for approximately 10-15 minutes if you've used acrylic size like me. Or 30-60 minutes for traditional size. You know the size is ready to start gilding when it feels tacky to the touch.

Now start to apply your metal leaf. There's a whole host of colours and styles to choose from but I've gone for classic gold. I'm using transfer leaf which is much easier to work with than loose leaf. Each sheet of leaf comes on a thin backing paper. All you have to do is press the leaf to the wall and gently rub all over the transfer paper. Hey presto! The leaf is now on the wall. Continue applying the leaf until all the areas you have prepared with glue are covered.

Now using a dry paint brush gently work it back and forth over the leaf to remove any loose bits and to bring out the shine. Now all you have to go is gently and carefully remove the making tape.

small feature wall idea

Now all that's left to do is dress your wall. Come on girls, style it to impress with a couple of over sized pieces. I've gone for a stag's head that I picked up cheaply from Home Bargains for less than £10 which I sprayed black.

I've framed it with an old frame that had fallen off the wall and the glass had smashed. It was cheaper to buy a new frame than to get the glass replaced but I saved it for a future project just in case. I opted to keep the mount board which bring a little extra depth and texture to the design.

Then I hung my glorious Swoon Worthy Butterfly print below it. I framed and mounted the print myself and look forward to sharing with you just how easy it is to mount your own pictures.

I think our fabulous collection of I-Bride Trays and I-Bride French Wall Art would also work very well when used in a small area. They're a perfect conversation starter and dramatic enough to work in smaller scale areas.

So what do you think of my small feature wall idea? Like it or not so much? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below.

small feature wall idea

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