French Furniture And French Beds From Newtons Furniture
French Furniture And French Beds From Newtons Furniture

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Furniture Care

Thank you for choosing Newtons for your wonderful new French Furniture and may we wish you many happy years with to come with your purchase. As our furniture is made predominantly from mahogany, they do need a little care and attention occasionally to maintain the beauty of the finish. We hope our hints and tips provide you with all the necessary information required to keep your furniture looking tip top but if you do have any further questions or queries please feel free to contact us.


Positioning Your Furniture

  • As our furniture is cabinet made from high grade timber it likes a consistent humidity, when your order first arrives with you we recommend reducing the central heating in the room it is delivered to and slowly raising the temperature over a few days to allow the wood to acclimatise.
  • Try to avoid placing furniture by radiators or other direct sources of heat.
  • Always leave a gap around furniture to allow air to circulate.
  • Try not to place pieces in direct or prolonged sunlight as this could affect the colour or finish over a period of time.
  • We all like to take a glass of water to bed with us or a cup of tea first thing in the morning; we would recommend using a coaster if your furniture does not have a protective glass top in case of any spillages and to protect from heat.
  • If you decide on a reshuffle of furniture in your room please ensure pieces are lifted rather than dragged or pushed as this could cause undue stress to joints, particularly legs.
  • Periodically check that your bed is square and check to see if the 4 corner bolts are fully tightened.
  • Re arrange your nicnacs periodically to avoid any colour changes to the furniture surfaces especially if the piece receives lots of sunlight.
  • We all love to sit at our dressing tables put please be very careful with nail varnish remover, it also removes paint!


Wood Care

  • To maintain the appearance of your furniture throughout it's lifetime we recommend a daily light dusting using a soft cloth following the direction of the wood grain.
  • Highly carved details can be given an occasional once over with a vacuum cleaner on a low setting to get into the nooks and crannys that dusters can't reach; a paintbrush with natural hair bristles or a feather duster works equally well.
  • Occasionally, for a thorough clean or to wipe away finger marks you can use a well wrung out damp cloth to wipe all surfaces and dry with lint free cloth. Please do not use any liquids containing bleach as this would ruin the finish of your furniture.
  • We do not recommend the use of any silicon containing furniture polishes as this tends to build up over time altering the finish of your furniture; this is particularly noticeable with pieces finished in Boudoir Black.
  • All our metal fish handles have a protective coating to keep them looking like new; please avoid metal polish as this will remove the protective coating.
  • Protective Glass Tops and Mirrors are best polished with a non solvent based glass cleaner; try to avoid getting the glass cleaner on wooden surfaces.
  • Try to mop up any spills immediately with absorbent kitchen towel; be careful to blot rather than rub at the spillage especially if it may stain or affect the finish in any way.


Upholstery Care 

  • Vacuum occasionally on a low setting using your upholstery attachment to keep the fabric looking fresh and dust free.
  • is the upholstery if velvet, suede effect or has a nap we recommend gently smoothing the fabric in one direction to give a even colour appearance.
  • Try to treat any stains or spillages as quickly as possible.
  • If you do spill liquid on any upholstery use an absorbency cloth and blot to dry working from the outer most edge of the stain towards the centre. Do not rub as this may spread the spill and push the stain further into the fabric.
  • We do not recommend home cleaning of upholstered pieces, if in doubt consult a specialist cleaning company.







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