French Furniture And French Beds From Newtons Furniture
French Furniture And French Beds From Newtons Furniture

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Meet Our Family

Some of our family members are a little photo shy (not pointing fingers...... Jo) so we thought it would be fun to show you a picture of us all as children. Established in 2002 we are one of the oldest French bedroom companies on the internet and what's more, we are also a family business. As you will soon find out, we are all very much individuals. Between us we have wide range of Interests and skills brought together by a love of French Style Furniture and Interior Design. Each and every member of the family work together to ensure the smooth running of Newtons in a variety of different ways and we thought you'd like to get to know us a little bit better! Meet our family, the people behind the voices on the phone. 


Rachel is our creative one. She designs our furniture, runs our PR & Marketing and sources all our home accessories. If she doesn't like it then it simply doesn't get featured on our website. Rachel's philosophy is that 'every day is a new day', a new beginning and that's how she approaches design. From a simple seasonal change with accessories to a whole new bedroom design Rachel embraces the excitement and sometimes the nail biting of change. Rachel is married to Tony, they celebrate 30 years together this year and have three wonderful sons, two rescued Rottweilers and a horse.


My Favourite Piece From Newtons is: The Le Pompadour Bed

I Love it Because: It has just the right amount of carved detailing, not too decorative and at the same time not too plain. I also love the upholstery, especially the deep buttoning with the twinkling of Swarovski Buttons.

When I'm not in the office I Enjoy:  My Horse. When I'm not designing new furniture I can be found at the stables enjoying time with my Middleweight Hunter. His name is 'Master Fiddler Look At Me'' or Fiddler as we call him at home. He does rather live up to his name and can cause all kinds of trouble when he puts his mind to it. I compete in Show Hunter classes with him and was lucky enough to qualify him for Horse Of The Year Show 2014, my childhood dream.

My Favourite Food is: Anything Italian especially if it contains Seafood.

Current CD's in my car are: The best of Wham, Lily Allen, Caro Emerald, Tears for Fears to name a few.

My Favourite Holiday Destination is: Italy, I love the whole of the Riviera from Naples down.

I'd Love to Visit: India



Tony is our ideas man and he's also in charge of logistics. He knows that our delivery teams are the face of Newtons, the people that you will actually meet and he does everything in his power to ensure a delightful delivery experience. Tony spends a lot of his time at our warehouse which is just outside Birmingham. He is happily married to Rachel and brother to Mike and Jo. He is the middle child.


My Favourite Piece From Newtons Is: The Dante Bed

I Love it Because: Of its classic design with simple lines and it's just so comfortable.

When I'm not in the office I enjoy: Cars! I own a TVR Chimaera which is mostly a summer car as it doesn't particularly like the wet roads of winter. I enjoy tracks days, my favourite has to be Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium and on my list to visit is the famous Nurburgring in Germany.

My Favourite Food is: The good old Curry. A highlight of visiting our warehouse is the huge choice of Indian cuisine available in Birmingham.

Current CD's in my car are: Talking Heads, Grace Jones and David Bowie.

My Favourite Holiday Destination is: Munich, I love a City Break and visit Oktoberfest every year.

I'd Love to Visit: India.


Jo is the foundation rock of Newtons. She is in charge of Production and Quality Control and without her there would be no furniture. Jo liases with our production teams and ensures that each piece of furniture we make is of the highest standard. She also happens to be one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. Jo is Mike and Tony's sister, she is the baby of the three and has 2 wonderful daughters.


My Favourite Piece From Newtons is: The Rococo French White Bed.

I Love it Because: of the intricate carved detailing and the crisp white colour with just the right amount of antiquing to suit both traditional and modern settings.

When I'm not in the office I enjoy: having friends over and making cocktails. My specialities are the 'Bloody Mary' and the 'Twisted Russian'. But I'm happy to try many more in my pursuit of the perfect blend.

My Favourite Food is: anything Greek or Cypriot, of which sheftalia is my go to choice.

Current CD's in my car are: I'm more of a Radio 4 girl.

My Favourite Holiday Destination is: Cyprus, the Akamas Peninsula and Argaka are top of my list.

I'd Love to Visit: Rome, Venice, Florence, a good old fashioned Grand Tour of Italy basically.


Mike is the sensible one and he's in charge of finance and online security. There are lots of checks and certificates that our website needs to ensure it's secure. Mike takes his position very seriously to make sure your online shopping experience is a safe as well as a happy one. He is happily married to Kathryn and has a teenage daughter and two dogs. He's also Tony and Jo's brother and the eldest of the three.


My Favourite Piece From Newtons is: The Josephine Parisienne Cream Bed

I Love it Because: Of its classically elegant lines and Simple carved detailing but most of all, it's comfy.

When I'm not in the office I enjoy: Spending time in my garden during the Summer Months, I'd quite happily stay out there from dawn till dusk. I also love long country walks with our family dogs. Like Tony, I'm also a bit of a petrol head. I spend the Summer months driving my MG RV8 (the girls in office call it Harvey).

My Favourite Food is: Like Tony, my favourite food has to be a Curry especially a good Chicken Balti.

Current CD's in my car are: I am very much a Radio 4 person too.

My Favourite Holiday Destination is: Italy, Sorento has it all for me.

I'd Love to Visit: Iceland.





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