French Furniture And French Beds From Newtons Furniture
French Furniture And French Beds From Newtons Furniture

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We really hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Newtons and your confidence in our website is crucial to us along with your general internet security. To help you shop online safely we have put together some great advice for you to keep you and your card details safe when shopping on the internet.


Your Transaction Security 

Security and Privacy Online with Newtons is secure    

SSL Certificate We realise how important shopping securely online is to our customers and maintain the highest levels of security possible. Our website uses the highest level of SSL encryption technology which is the most advanced security software currently available. Whilst this is a little technical the easiest way to tell if a site is secure is to check for a padlock to the left of the address bar on your browser. If there isn't a padlock present then then the site is not secure and your card details will be at risk. You can be rest assured that here at Newtons we take the security of your personal details and the privacy and security of your payment details very seriously. 

HTTPS:// rather than HTTP:// You can also tell if a page is secure as the website address will begin with 'https' rather than 'http' in your browser address bar. We do not store any of your card details, in fact, we never get to see them at all as we use SagePay to process your payments which provides optimum levels of security.

Card Details To ensure your card details are kept secure we do not store any information relating to them and we will ask you for them each time you place an order with us.

Card Authentication For additional authentication you may be asked to verify you card details by Visa or Mastercard after you have entered your card details.


Your Password

We do appreciate that remembering passwords can be tricky but we do not recommend using the same password over and over again with different websites. Whilst this does make things easier from a memory point of view it is not recommended and setting unique, effective and secure passwords for all the accounts you hold on different sites can help prevent criminals from gaining access to all those accounts. Remember, multiple passwords keep you safe!

When creating a password it is a good idea to use a mix of letter (both upper and lower case) numbers and a symbol. try to choose a password that is personal to you as you are more likely to remember it but do avoid using your name, address or telephone number. It is also a good idea to regularly change the passwords used on the sites that you visit more frequently. 

Please do not under any circumstances reveal your password for any site if you receive an email requesting it. Legitimate sites and services would never request this information from you. If you do forget your password or feel like updating it at any time you can reset it by visiting  and logging into your account.


Privacy Promise

Your personal privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we will never share any of your details with any outside company for the purposes of marketing or mailing. 

When you do purchase from us we do collect some information from you that is vital to ensuring your order arrives with you safely. This includes your name, address, contact telephone number and email address which are all held on a secure server. We fully comply with consumer legislation and all applicable Data Protection and we will treat all your personal data as confidential. To read more about how your personal data is handled please visit our Privacy Policy Page.



Phishing is a form of cyber crime that tricks you into handing over your own confidential information. An example of this would be to receive an email requesting information from you that looks like it has been sent to you by a legitimate company. The email will request your personal details in an attempt to gain your private information which can then be used for fraud and identity theft. We will never ask you to divulge sensitive personal information via email, if an occasion arose that required such details we would, for security reasons ask you to telephone us. Should you ever receive an email from us requesting this type of information please do not respond to it but do, please let us know. 



Most websites including use cookies which are tiny text files stored on your computer when you visit a website. We use cookies to keep items in your basket safe and to remember you when you return to our site. Please read our Cookie Policy to find out more. 



Using Wifi in public places Public wifi networks are not secure. It can be very risky to enter any personal details onto a website when you are in a public place as unauthorised people may try to intercept anything you are doing online. We recommend shopping only when you have a secure internet connection. 

Close your browser Always log out of your account and close your browser once you have finished shopping.

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